References to articles in concept regarding software applications.

1. Variations of leaching efficiency determined with soil salinity models calibrated in farm lands and related to soil texture. On line:
leaching efficiency

2. The potato variety "927"" tested at the Salt Farm Texel,The Netherlands, proved to be highly salt tolerant. On line: potato "927"

3. Fitting the versatile linearized, composite, and generalized logistic probability distributiom to a data set. On line:
logistic distribution

4. Example of an approximately normally distributed data set to which a large number of different probability distributions can be fitted. On line: multiple fit

5. Comparing steady and non-steady state subsurface drainage using calculations with relevant models. On line:
subsurface drainage

6. Mapping facilities of the spatial agro-hydro-soil-salinity model SahysMod. On line: Mapping facilities

7. The groundwater hydraulics of the Garmsar alluvial fan, Iran, assessed with the SahysMod model. On line: Garmsar fan

8. Trend of annual averages of daily average temperatures in the Netherlands since 1900 first showing slow and then fast increases. On line: daily temperatures

9. Trend of the annually maximum temperatures in the Netherlands since 1900 first showing slow and after 1988 faster increases.
On line: yearly maximum temperatures

10. Comparing drain and well spacings in deep semi-confined aquifers for water table and soil salinity control. On line:
drain and well spacings

11. The role of farmers' responses in the Agro-Hydro-Salinity model SaltMod regarding water management, cropping patterns, or crop rotations, in the case of inadequate irrigation, drainage (water logging) problems, and/or excess soil salinity. On line:
Farmers' responses

12. Crop yield and depth of water table, statistical analysis of data measured in farm lands. On line:
Drainage needs

13. Influence of the soil depth on the functioning of a subsurface drainage system analyzed with the free DrainCalc model. On line:
impermable layer

14. Influence of the drainable porosity of the soil on the functioning of a subsurface drainage system analyzed with a model for drainage calculations. On line:
drainable porosity

15. Segmented linear regressions of a dependent response variable on two independent (influential) variables and how the free SegRegA software accomplishes that. On line:

16. On Efficiencies and Sufficiencies of Crop Land Irrigation, Drainage and Soil Salinity Control using the DrainApp Model in various Scenario's. On line:

17. Computer modeling in irrigation and drainage for the control of water logging and soil salinization in agricultural lands in India using SaltMod's modernized version SaltModM. On line:
lands in India

18. The free RainOffT model, useful for analyzing the hydrology of subsurface drainage systems in transient (non-steady) state. On line:
transient state

19. Free software for the division of the relation between Y (response variable) and X (causal variable) into segments or ranges where X is influential and where X has no effect. On line:
response effect

19. Analysis of Different Curved Regressions using Free Software and Selection of the Appropriate Type Based on Statistical Tests for Goodness of Fit and Analysis of Variance. On line:
Curved software

20. Using simple transformations of probability distributions to determine their parameters by straightforward linear regression and to be able to fit symmetrical and skewed data sets easily. On line:

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