FloodRoute :   a conceptual hydraulic flood routing simulation model with a nonlinear reservoir
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The FloodRoute computer program, or simulation model, calculates the flood wave at the outflow end of a river reach on the basis of the inflow wave at the beginning of the stretch. In the process it calibrates the parameters of the response function (reaction factor) of the non linear reservoir that represents the concept behind the model.
Alternatively it simulates the flood wave at the outflow end given the parameters of the response function.
Modelling with FloodRoute gives the opportunity of predicting the hydraulics of the river or

The reaction (response) factor can be determined from recorded canal inflow and outflow wave data. The program uses various reservoir functions and selects the optimal function giving the highest correspondence between the observed and simulated (calculated) outflow wave. Alternatively, it is possible to introduce the reservoir function, together with data of the inflow wave, and the program will calculate the outflow wave.

The program starts giving clicking on FloodRoute.Exe. More information is given in the program itself.

A description of the procedure and equations used in FloodRoute is found in this paper on the wave transport model.

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flood wave routing Graph of results of the FloodRoute program
The hydraulic FloodRoute simulation program converts
the inflow wave (yellow curve) in a river at the start of a section into an outflow wave at the end of the section. The observed outflow wave (blue dots) and the calculated (simulated) outflow wave (white curve) coincide well with an R-square value of 0.992, almost qual to unity wich would be flawless.